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Hold my Hand

Our Quest

Chapter One

Here at PolyUsual we like generic wordage and sentences about how nice our website is. I was about to say company, but it's not that far along yet. Though with the help of other content creators, or just bored people in need of something to spice up their lives, I believe that this will be something pretty darn cool in the future!

Of course the future is looking pretty grim, but I ain't political so we don't have to worry about that. What I'm trying to say is that I want to band together a bunch of the small creators in the world and put them together on one site. Kind of like a rip-off of a lot of different sites where people can do the same thing and better...


Why Not?

Everyone wants a chance to do something and not be under some huge, big corporation. No freedom? No worries because now it's just a big community of people trying to do the same thing. No more backstabbing and corrupt leadership that is trying to exploit everyone on the bottom.

Yes, it feels like we are at the bottom of this so called world. Why don't we change that together. One step at a time, one cringy line after line, then one day a dream can be reality. And maybe just maybe.... I learn how to make this site look more professional

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Exceeding Expectations


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